P U R P O S E 

"There is no competition if you live your life on purpose...except against yourself..."
- Gerrit Geyser
The Pain and problem without purpose 
The Pain and problem without purpose
What is PURPOSE?
Most Men Live In Quiet Desperation, Having Never Truly Lived A Deep, 
Adventurous, Meaningful Life 

It's easy to look at the obvious pursuits of a man like money, freedom, time, or sex and all too quickly call this a man's greatest purpose in life. And yet our purpose is what informs every decision we make every day. 

If you believe your purpose in life is to create financial freedom for you and your family, then this informs your daily efforts to produce this life. 
If you believe your purpose is to be a protector of the innocent and vulnerable families in your community, you may pursue a life as a Public Officer. 

Your Purpose Informs Every Decision You Make, Yet You Are Likely Unclear About 
What Your Purpose Actually Is 

Too many times it's an impulsive guess or a pipe dream right out of a movie scene - which turns our daily execution into wandering generalities. 
"I guess I should have 12 months of savings? Okay, I'll work overtime.” 
"I guess I should leave a legacy and fortune for my family? Okay, I'll sacrifice my body, marriage, and children relationships to build a fortune I'm too old to ever enjoy." 

And So You Go About Life Living Out The Purpose That Has Been Placed On You 

As a man, being productive and WORKING every day is a required duty and natural instinct for us. 
Even during the great depression, men would volunteer their time to dig ditches just so they could feel they were contributing to something bigger than themselves. 
Argue with it all day long - but you're operating based off purpose every day (conscious or not). 

This begs the next question: 

Are You Living Out A Purpose You Created, Or Someone Else's Purpose? 

If you are "on purpose" whether you like it or not, then your next question is to ask: "Who's purpose am 1 living right now?". 

Here's the problem: 
Businessmen are more often stuck in the purpose of PRODUCTION. Be the ATM for the family, the daily workhorse, and shut your feelings or desires. 
So Men Hide, Lie, And Sedate To Avoid The Inner Questioning Of "Who Am I?" 
And we live our lives living out some other purpose placed on you, and you wonder why you keep burning out, wanting to torch your life to the ground, or why you keep tempting that elusive breaking point. 

The problem? 
You're stuck in some purpose that wasn't ever yours, regretting getting so deep into something that just isn't you. 
Most of all, we lie to ourselves. And no matter how much "POWER" we generate, we squander it away, pissing that power down a drain of wandering generality and fleeting contentment... 
Living The Dreaded Loop of Empty Achiever And Tired Producer, 

Never Quite Winning 

Doesn't matter if you're mega-rich or paycheck-to-paycheck... if you don't focus up and get real about where you are today, and where you want to go - you waste your life away pursuing a mediocre reality with nothing to show for a life truly lived. 

Except... you're in Warrior, and you delve deeper into this conversation of Purpose. 

And to start this off, our focus is on the unexpected element that holds all the cards: 

A Life Of Purpose Is A Life Based In Truth... A Perspective of 
Living From Facts 

What are the facts of your life? It's time to unravel who you are... 
The Path to get PURPOSE in your life 
The Path to get PURPOSE in your life
The tools that will bring PURPOSE into your life 
The tools that will bring PURPOSE into your life 

This is your chance to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE YOUR WORLD... 

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