P R O F I T 

"Everybody loves to be seduced...Nobody loves to be sold."
- Gerrit Geyser
The Pain and Problems without PROFIT 
The Pain and Problems without PROFIT.
What is PROFIT?  
It's Your Duty As A Leader To Be Ragingly Successful Across the Core 4 areas of your life. 

When we discuss Profit, we don't just mean cash. We're talking specific, rich and rewarding results in every area. 

Fat bank accounts. 
Frequent and powerful sexual intimacy. 
Ripped, weaponized physique at your command, 
Certainty and courage in your Being, absolutely on fire with purpose. 
Fulfilled and honestly connected to your children that leads them into becoming powerful contributors to society and life. 
A business that hums and runs without perpetual burnout and patterns of fatigue a distant memory of the past. 

A legacy of your life lived at the highest potential is now a reality, and no longer some pipe dream that goes forever unexpressed... 

Your Next Question Is This: "Who Would I Have To Become To Pull Off This 
Impossible Game?" 

This is why we dove deep into power, purpose, and production before we get to the results... 
When you are aligned, powered up, and KNOW how to produce the result - your next step is to make the LEAP across that gap into the answer to that question above. 

But who is that man you're hunting to become? 
What does his body look and perform like? 
What's his spiritual connection look and feel like? 
What's his marriage or relationship look and feel like? 
What's the connection with his children look and feel like? 
What's his bank account look like? 
What's he doing in his line of production to increase his impact and revenue? 

At Warrior, We Answer That Question With A Process Proven To Unlock This Man When 
You Go All In... 

The process is Core 4 married up to what we call the "Challenge Based Lifestyle". Where we as a Brotherhood go on year-long quarter-by-quarter sprints to create huge profit across Core 4 every 90 Days. 
Because the man you are at the end of the 90 Days, is a man who sees a new peak. 
A new mountain top you must ascend across every area of Core 4. 

Profit Is Not Only A Pursuit Of. “More”... It's A Pursuit of Unlocking The Potential Of 
Your Warrior King 

To be a Warrior is to be a man who stands against any adversity in his life and wins. 
To be a king is to lead and prosper in his Kingdom as a wise, loving, fierce steward of all that is his. 

Some balk at the analogy, but those who allow its meaning to pour into their being understand what "Who Would I Have To Become" truly means. 

You Are Waking Up To Your True Identity and Potential As A Powerful, Whole Man...
And your ability to produce results, to produce FRUIT is the literal expression of your truest nature. 

So while we are about to dive into you making a bunch more money, having a whole lot more wild and loving sex, etc., we're really talking about WHO you are capable of being. 

But for now... 

Let's zero in on the only few steps ahead of you: 

There are specific PROFITABLE RESULTS you are seeking in your life right now, today. 

Now armed with the experience of Power, Purpose and Production - you are ready to dive deep into the world of creating PROFIT that brings results into your life 2, 3, or 5 times quicker through the Warrior's Way. 

It's Time To Leap Across The Gap And Reap The Rewards You Seek:
The path to PROFIT 
The path to PROFIT
The tools to PROFIT
The tools to PROFIT

This is your chance to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE YOUR WORLD... 

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