C O U R A G E 

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”
- Maya Angelou
The Pain of Courage 
At the level of courage, spiritual energy profoundly alters the experience of self and other: therefore it is the level of the onset of empowerment.

Here you will experience confidence, justice, balance with authority, and the provision for mechanisms to compensate for a lack of perfection through salvation, to accept responsibility for defects, and to strive for morality. 

The turning point: this is the separation point between force and real power. At courage, one sees the world as exciting and filled with possibilities. It marks the start of the active pursuit of growth – where there exists a gap, the person will act to fill it. The life view is feasible – anything is manageable since the person is able to harness the power to deal with situations in life. 
The Possibilities with COURAGE.  

“Behind all of the “I can’ts” are merely “I won’ts.” The “I won’ts” mean “I am afraid to” or “I am ashamed to” or “I have too much pride to try, for fear I might fail.” Behind that is anger at ourselves and circumstances engendered by pride. Acknowledging and letting go of these feelings brings us up to the courage and, with that, final acceptance and inner peacefulness, at least as it regards the area which has been surmounted. Apathy and depression are the prices we pay for having settled for and bought into our smallness. It’s what we get for having played the victim and allowed ourselves to be programmed. It’s the price we pay for having bought into negativity. It’s what results from resisting the part of ourselves that is loving, courageous, and great. It results from allowing ourselves to be invalidated by ourselves or others; it is the consequence of holding ourselves in a negative context. In reality, it is only a definition of ourselves that we have unwittingly allowed happening. The way out is to become more conscious. What does it mean, “to become more conscious”? To begin with, becoming more conscious means to start looking for the truth for ourselves, instead of blindly allowing ourselves to be programmed, whether from without or by an inner voice within the mind, which seeks to diminish and invalidate, focusing on all that is weak and helpless. To get out of it, we have to accept the responsibility that we have bought into the negativity and have been willing to believe it. The way out of this, then, is to start questioning everything.”

The Powerful Path with COURAGE 
The Powerful Path with COURAGE
The Practical tools to help you on your way to increase COURAGE. 
The Practical tools to help you on your way to increase COURAGE.

This is your chance to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE YOUR WORLD... 

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