B L O G 

Lead from who you are...
I've started to apply the Warrior principles with my kids. They responded so quickly. My relationship improved so much. Our connectivity is on anther level. We riding bikes together, we have dinner together. I've found the peace that I can apply the Warrior principles with them and also to learn them about that so that they can become Kings themselves.

The lesson that I've learnt from this:
I need to be a beacon for my kids. I need to be an example. They will follow my actions not my words. Leading and living the Warriors way will give them the best possible upbringing they can have.

My Revelation:
Leading by Being. Do not tell me, show me. Lead from a position of Being. I can not lead from who I am not. That is transformation. The rest is just noise.

This is your chance to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE YOUR WORLD... 

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