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From Victim to Victor
I got a vision while meditating that I am a big passenger ship still having one big rope tied to the harbour wall. 
This ship was trying to get moving but this rope was too strong and kept him back. 
I've let go of this rope this morning. 
My ship is free to go.
Free from the past and the weight of it. And the ways it fucked up my life.
I took full responsibility for all of my life. 
This is a major shift for me. 

It is all about Love and Acceptance. 
Love for myself and for who I am.
Then acceptance for all of me. 
Then Love and acceptance for others. 
I will not be able to change others one inch. 
I will only be able to guide them. TO show them the way. To be a beacon where they can always find the light and the way. 

For once and for all to NEVER go back to the past. TO never blame anybody. 
If I want to blame anybody, I want to go inside of myself and work on myself to create the life I want. 

The POWER is inside you. Only YOU have access to it. Others can only guide you to it. 
Access it. Use it. Grow it. to create the life you want. 
Help others to access their power as well. Do it with Love and acceptance. 
Remember.....Respectful collision is also a way of love. 

I've accepted complete responsibility for my life. 
With NO one to blame.
I've let go of my past completely. 
All my anger and frustration, all that kept me back was because of who I am. It was generated by who I am. It is not automatic. If I am an apple tree, I will produce apples. The same with an orange tree.
If I am a Victim, I will look for reasons to blame and play victim mode and the anger and everything will come automatically. It will be an endless stream of negative emotions that I will attract from everyday life. 

The second of being a Victor a new set of thoughts will come over you. Generated by the new you. By the Victor. 

This endless stream of negativity and anger and blame stopped almost within a second when I moved from Victim to Victor. 
It took very long for me to reach this point. 
Made the decision a long time ago and I thought I was the Victor. But this event was the last big hurdle to get away from Victim mode. 
What a relief. 

This is your chance to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE YOUR WORLD... 

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